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Monarx’s intelligent technology is consistently proven to detect & prevent more threats than other tools – proactively, automatically and safely.

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Smart Platform

Threat Detection

Way smarter at detecting threats by seeing through modern obfuscation techniques that confuse traditional signature-based tools.

Threat Removal

Automated & safe removal that is 99.99% effective and has an ultra low false positive rate. Optimized to use very few resources

Threat Shield

Provides real-time, in-application protection. Threat Shield works from within the application itself, monitoring & blocking bad behaviors.

Server Protection

Server level protection ejects the bad guys from deep within the operating system and prevents respawning, cloaking, and in-memory threats for doing additional damage.

Global Honeynet

Everyone contributes & benefits to the collective intelligence (BORG), enhancing the security of all websites/servers & with ultimate goal is "achieving perfection".

Command Center & API

Provides full fleet control over the entire aspect of your security services. With easy to read documentation and countless unique use cases, Monarx can help you launch.

Solve 40% More Problems

The most intelligent hosting providers choose Monarx to reduce churn, increase ARPU, and to save value computing resources.

Complete Protection

Roll Monarx out to provide the most comprehensive website & security solution.

Save Money
Detect then Protect

Security-As-A-Service to help protect websites, drive revenue & reduce threats.

Make Money
WordPress Cleanup Service

Expert site cleaning services to restore WordPress sites and offer future proof security.

Lower Churn

We're blown away by what Monarx does.

Reminds me of that quote about: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

I've still got quite a bit of work to do to get us back up and running, but Monarx has shortened that process significantly and it was an uncommon pleasure speaking to technical support that was both technical and supportive.

Leslie Rohde CEO of Traffic Science

Monarx has been a fantastic partner for Convesio. Their cutting-edge malware technology and expert security team have given us peace of mind, knowing our systems are always protected. We couldn't ask for better support. Working with Monarx has been a game changer. Their malware tech is top-notch, and their security team really knows their stuff. They’ve got our back, and it feels great to have such a solid team in our corner. I have been thoroughly impressed with Monarx's cutting-edge malware technology and the outstanding support from their expert security team.

Their innovative solutions and proactive approach have significantly enhanced our security posture, making them an invaluable partner in our operations.

Tom Fanelli CEO of Convesio

Monarx simply delivers the best malware detection rates than any other solution we've tested. The agent is practically invisible with no server-side bloat that accompanies many other competing solutions. The Monarx team is also very approachable and great to work with. Every day is an example of brilliance and only reaffirms our decision to opt for Monarx as our primary web security vendor.

Ryan Devonshire CEO of cloudAbove

Monarx allowed us to offer our customers the solution to their compromised websites. It also allowed us to acquire new customers by migrating external compromised websites to our servers protected by Monarx, thanks to the clean-up work.

Francesco Leoncino CTO of hostingsolutions

An amazing piece of software that in our tests performed best at detecting and auto cleaning / quarantining malware across our fleet of shared web hosting servers. Whilst Monarx is not an excuse for clients to neglect updating their WordPress sites and plugins it certainly helps mitigate against the additional threats caused by website owners who get lax about security and routine updates. Top marks to Monarx from the entire BWF Team

Stephen Kinkaid CEO of Big Wet Fish Hosting

Monax has been a critical part of our security arsenal when providing comprehensive Linux servers to our customers. Its ability to quickly handle, manage and evaluate files for security threats in real-time has been a real game changer!

Rahul K Managing Director of RKWO

I am delighted to express my utmost satisfaction with Monarx. This remarkable product stands out from the crowd with an exceptional detection rate and unparalleled cleaning ability, surpassing other products in the market. With Monarx at the forefront of our security measures, our client’s websites are fortified with an advanced defense system that consistently outperforms competing solutions. The Monarx team’s dedication and expertise in developing such a robust and user-friendly product have earned our utmost appreciation. We can confidently assure our customers that their online presence is safeguarded with the highest level of protection, thanks to Monarx.

Mohamed Ayad Co-Founder of Libyan Spider.

We are happy to partner with Monarx as the best-in-class security and malware solution for websites, that is a perfect fit for our customers. After months of testing and comparing different solutions, it became very clear that Monarx is the only solution that can protect our customers against modern hack and malware attacks, which change and get more sophisticated every day. The feedback from our first users have been very positive, and it is a great pleasure to work with the Monarx team.

Sander Cruiming Founder and CEO of XXL Hosting

The Monarx software found malware on our servers that other solutions missed, then automatically cleaned it all up for us. Their team's customer service has been very helpful anytime we need them, and they always respond quickly to any request we have.


Monarx's effectiveness of finding malware is better than anything we've seen. Their resource utilization on our servers is so small we can run the software all the time. This has not been the case with other products we have tried.

Chinmay Dingore CEO of MilesWeb

Monarx has helped InMotion Hosting by providing a comprehensive scanning, quarantine, and active blocking platform that allows us to handle malware more effectively, reduce customer support tickets, and save sysadmin time.

Chase Stricklan Operations Manager of InMotion Hostinggnation

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