We're Monarx

We are a team of people passionate about solving hard cybersecurity problems with superior technology.


The idea that blossomed into Monarx started with a couple of web agency owners frustrated at how pervasive malware was on web servers and the inability of existing tools to provide effective protection. Along came Jeremy & Rob - a couple of seasoned technology executives with extensive cybersecurity experience - and they were shocked at the scale of the problem and how the traditional big cyber players were completely ignoring it. Everyone was focused on protecting consumers, businesses, and governments, but they seemed uninterested in the war raging over the world's websites as staging grounds for those attacks. Seeing an opportunity to simultaneously tackle a huge and complex challenge and to significantly improve the broader cybersecurity landscape, they jumped in with both feet.

Monarx is dedicated to protecting the world's websites, and thus helping protect the rest of the world. We are a unique blend of elite technologists, cybersecurity experts, and hosting industry insiders. We bring our passion, experience, and skills every day in the service of partnering with great hosting companies to turn the tide in this never-ending war.

Mission: Innovation in Detection, Protection & Remediation

The arms race with hackers will always exist, but generative AI has given the bad guys powerful new tools to create novel and difficult-to-detect attacks at unprecedented scale. The world needs Good AI to help protect us from this onslaught, and that won’t come from continuing to turn the crank with the same old approaches. At Monarx we’ve invented new technology from the ground up for the specific purpose of combatting modern attacks and turning the tide in this never-ending battle. Our dedication to solving hard problems through engineering innovation is what makes us uniquely able to stay ahead, and to keep your environment safe.

Mission: Empowering Our Partners 

We are only successful when our partners are successful. It is a priority for every employee at Monarx to do whatever they can to help our partners get maximum value with minimum friction, and that shows in our products and in our interactions. We ensure that our products are easy to use and manage, work seamlessly in our partners’ environments - no matter how unique or complex, and integrate with your other tools. And we also take great pride in being helpful, friendly, responsive, and agile to meet whatever measures of success our partners define for us. Because in the end, we can only achieve our mission through you.



Our team of executives bring together the best of cyber security expertise & web hosting industry knowledge. 

Jeremy Warren


Repeat technology executive & entrepreneur. Recovering govie. Skiier, diver, and fledgling surfer. Still writes a script or two occasionally.


Aaron Phillips


20+ years of hosting, startup & go to market experience from almost every angle. Avid poker player, and enjoys coffee more than most.

Rob Seger


Ex-NSA spy turned cyber security CTO. Loves exaggerative humor. Truly gifted autobiographical writer.


Will Lewis

Head of Product

Software engineering manager with a demonstrated history of working in scalable cyber-security platforms.

AP (4)

Patrick Duke-Rosati


Large dedication to our customers, prospects and the CSP space in general. Big fan of just about everything to do outside.


Mario Rodriguez

Head of Customer Success

Client Services specialist with substantial experience in dealing with difficult business continuity situations. Organic sales growth is a great focus of my daily duties.


Industry Advisors

Matt Russell

Hosting, Cloud and SaaS Advisor/Investor

I co-founded the hosting @ Namecheap and sat on the executive team for 16 years. I am now an investor/advisor in the broader SaaS space.

Dres Armeda

I am an information security professional with a combined 20 years of experience in security and technology management, product management, and program management.

Soeren von Varchmin

Chairman of the Board at CloudFest

Specialties: In-depth knowledge about worldwide Domain-, Cloud- and Internet Infrastructure Markets. Thousands of C-level contacts in this area.