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Detect, Collect, Protect

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Seamless Integration

For All Types of Hosting

Monarx is designed to be deployed into all hosting environments, including complex multi-tenant ecosystems running on technologies, like containers. With full support for Any Linux OS, pre-built control plugins our compatible agent will provide maximum detect coverage.


Business Models

Your hosting business in unique and with Detect then Protect, we have over 32 Toggle ON/OFF features that can be used to build the perfect security suite or plans. 

Drop-In Replacement

For Legacy Security Products

Find out how to migrate your legacy security offering to Monarx, for a simple and smart drop in replacement that detects 40% more. 


ON/OFF Feature

Always On

Upgrade Feature

Threat Detection

Agent Based Detection

For easy deployments

Real-Time Malware Scanning

No buttons to push

Behavior-Based Detections

Finding 40% more

WordPress CVE Detection

On disk patching for major WordPress CVE’s

Instant Upload Inspection

Detects malware at time of upload

Persistent Threat Hunter

Automatic major CVE patching

Agent Throttling

To control initial scan resouces

Threat Removal

Persistence Mitigation

Zaps memory & processes malware

Safe & Automatic Remediations

Removes malware magically 

WordPress CVE Patching

Patches major vulnerabilities for WP

Do No Harm Protocol

Low mangle rate (we measure)

Threat Shield

Real-Time Blocking

Stops malware before it strikes 

Server-Based WAF

Web Application Firewall 

Virtual Patching

Block before real patches are available

FPZero Curated Ruleset

Zero False Positives

Server-Based DoS Protection

DOS protection on the server level

Reputation IP Blocking

Block known bad guys by source IP

Brute Force Protection

Blocks brute logins attempts

Anti-Bot Protection

Blocks bots looking for a way in

Server Protections

Malicious Process Termination

Squashes malware hiding in processes

In-Memory Threat Removal

Bounce bad guys from system memory

Anti-Cloaking Protection

Harry Potter doesn’t stand a chance

Malicious Cron Protection

Prevents respawn via CRON

Advanced Persistence Remediation

Terminates long term advanced attacks 

Global Honeynet

Collective Intelligence

Assimilation has it’s benefits 

Cloud Classifications

Analyzes 1M bad behaviors in 52 seconds

Zero Server Resources

All the heavy lifting in our cloud

Evolving Intelligence

Every day we get smarter and smater

Global Insights

Geographical realtime insights

Zero Day Protection

Blocks the latest threats

Command Center & APIs

Swagger Docs

Written by devs for dev

Cloud-Native RESTful APIs

For integration into your operations

Scalable Infrastructure

Maximum scalability in the cloud

EZLaunch Drop-In UX

Pre-built UX from a single API cal

Cloud Addons


Accelerate websites


Perimeter Protection

Anycast DNS

Enterprise DNS Hosting

Cloud-DDOS Protection

For global blocking

Partner Toolkit

Detect Lead Generation

For easy CRM consumption

WHMCS Module

For rapid launches

cPanel & Plesk Plugins

Control Panel Integration

Full Price Control

You set the price

Site, User, & Server Options

For maximum compatibility 

Freemium, Free Trial Offers

Offer high value for free 

Cobrand or White Label

Your brand or ours

Expert Launch Team

Devs, marketing, and more

for Detect then Protect

Utilize our hand-crafted, well-thought out WHMCS module to launch your next service & enjoy compatibility with leading control panels, marketing automations, and revenue on auto-pilot.

  • For Shared, Reseller, Server & Cloud Hosting
  • Pre-Built Marketing
  • Rapid Launches
  • cPanel & Plesk Integrations

Final Stop
WP Cleanup Service.

Reduce churn & generate revenue with our WordPress Cleanup Service and provide your clients with guaranteed cleanup against the smartest bad guys.

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