Global Honeynet

Crowdsourced data for realtime protection.

Your single source of threat intelligence. Every Monarx-enabled server contributes to a collective intelligence (BORG), enhancing the security of all websites & with ultimate goal is "achieving perfection".

AI-Powered Global Threat Analysis

Every Monarx Agent feeds our cloud based honeypot for shared crowdsourced intelligence.

San Francisco

Data Centers: 134
Threat Data: 35.41TB
Classifications: 3.1M
Contribution: 2.25% 
Super Bowl Wins: 5


Data Centers: 56
Threat Data: 45.4TB
Classifications: 6.5M
Contribution: 3.4% 
Super Bowl Wins: 1

Salt Lake City

Data Centers: 24
Threat Data: 63.4TB
Classifications: 16.9M
Contribution: 9.4% 
Super Bowl Wins: 0


Data Centers: 119
Threat Data: 624.2TB
Classifications: 121.2M
Contribution: 15.4% 
FIFA Club World Cup: 4


Data Centers: 68
Threat Data: 145.4TB
Classifications: 45.9M
Contribution: 4.4% 
Stanley Cups: 13


Data Centers: 106
Threat Data: 133.2TB
Classifications: 38.2M
Contribution: 2.4% 
Super Bowl Wins: 1


Data Centers: 116
Threat Data: 1.2PB
Classifications: 222.9M
Contribution: 19.4% 
Super Bowl Wins: 5


Data Centers: 68
Threat Data: 344.1TB
Classifications: 133.8M
Contribution: 11.2% 
Super Bowl Wins: 0

New York

Data Centers: 34
Threat Data: 25.1TB
Classifications: 5.9M
Contribution: 1.4% 
Super Bowls: 4

San Paulo

Data Centers: 59
Threat Data: 55.8TB
Classifications: 15.1M
Contribution: 5.4% 
FIFA Club World Cup: 1


Data Centers: 95
Threat Data: 74.2TB
Classifications: 23.8M
Contribution: 7.2% 
FIFA Club World Cup: 4


Data Centers: 15
Threat Data: 4.1TB
Classifications: 3.8M
Contribution: 0.24% 
FIFA Club World Cup: 0

South Africa

Data Centers: 36
Threat Data: 21.2TB
Classifications: 13.3M
Contribution: 4.5% 


Data Centers: 8
Threat Data: 1.8TB
Classifications: 1.1M
Contribution: -.4% 


Data Centers: 53
Threat Data: 34.4TB
Classifications: 21.5M
Contribution: 9.5% 


Data Centers: 251
Threat Data: 13.6PB
Classifications: 133.5M
Contribution: 34.5% 


Data Centers:138
Threat Data: 22.2PB
Classifications: 423.3M
Contribution: 34.5% 

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