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Monarx’s intelligent technology is consistently proven to detect & prevent more threats than other tools – proactively, automatically and safely.


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Smart Platform

Threat Detection

Way smarter at detecting threats by seeing through modern obfuscation techniques that confuse traditional signature-based tools.

Threat Removal

Automated & safe removal that is 99.99% effective and has an ultra low false positive rate. Optimized to use very few resources

Threat Shield

Provides real-time, in-application protection. Threat Shield works from within the application itself, monitoring & blocking bad behaviors.

Server Protection

Server level protection ejects the bad guys from deep within the operating system and prevents respawning, cloaking, and in-memory threats for doing additional damage.

Global Honeynet

Everyone contributes & benefits to the collective intelligence (BORG), enhancing the security of all websites/servers & with ultimate goal is "achieving perfection".

Command Center & API

Provides full fleet control over the entire aspect of your security services. With easy to read documentation and countless unique use cases, Monarx can help you launch.

Solve 40% More Problems

The most intelligent hosting providers choose Monarx to reduce churn, increase ARPU, and to save value computing resources.

Complete Protection

Roll Monarx out to provide the most comprehensive website & security solution.

Save Money
Detect then Protect

Security-As-A-Service to help protect websites, drive revenue & reduce threats.

Make Money
WordPress Cleanup Service

Expert site cleaning services to restore WordPress sites and offer future proof security.

Lower Churn

Before Monarx, our servers were like a frat house after a wild party - messy and full of surprises. Now? It's like having a bouncer with a PhD in digital ass-kicking.

Wes Tatters CEO

Monarx has helped us by providing a comprehensive platform that allows us to handle malware more effectively, reduce customer churn, and save boatloads time.

Todd Robinson CEO

The Unhack WordPress by Monarx solution fixes sites that would have had to fix it themselves or churn. On average saves 200-400 customers per month.

Saulius Lazaravičius Head of Product

Dealing with customer support is usually something you dread. With Monarx, that's just not the case. I've actually caught myself having a good time in our shared slack channel

Tom Fanelli CEO

Security is a pain in the ass. We wish we didn't have to think about it. With Monarx, we get real close. And, when we do need some help, the Monarx team is alway around.

Pratik Jagdishwala Director of Product Management

The Monarx team once asked us if we had any dream features that we thought would be useful. A week later they delivered one as a surprise. What a weird vendor.

Sander Cruiming CEO

We rely on Monarx's to shield our servers from sophisticated threats. We are looking forward to new with their Unhack WordPress Service and CVE patching.

Chinmay Dingore CEO

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Monarx Platform.

Meet the components that make up the Monarx Platform, each playing a vital role in helping find more threats, reduce customer churn, and optimized for performance.

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