1. What's the deal with your company name?

The name "Monarx" is a play on the word "monarch", which refers to the butterfly species. The choice of a blue color for the butterfly represents qualities we strive for like trust, intelligence, and stability.

2. Why did you choose hosting as a buyer persona?

Web hosting is one of the industries that is plagued by Malware. In fact, we know from our past experiences, that the bad guys love to target hosting providers, as they often have mass audiences left unprotected, resulting in easy access. Our choice to enter this market was both related to the audience size, but most importantly our confidence in solving the problem better than anyone else trying.

3. How do you measure success beyond financial metrics?

Internally we use the word efficacy, which to us means the ability to eradicate threats without doing warm to websites & servers in the most efficient manner. Removal of threats is often tricky and can result in mangled websites or poor server performance. As a company we continue to strive to find more threats (40%), mangle less websites, and deliver far fewer false positives.

4. How can I provide product feedback to the Monarx?

We love opinions, ideas and product improvements. Let's schedule a call and walk through them together or drop us an email at info@monarx.com (real people)!

5. Why should I partner with you?

Our team of executives bring together the best of cyber security expertise & web hosting industry knowledge. We have built the world's most flexible platform that can be molded, designed, and customized for your hosting business.

6. Are you fun to work with?

It's plausible that we are fun to work with. We take cybersecurity seriously and try to have fun along the way. With our witty banter and ironclad expertise, you'll get advanced detection, protection, and remediation, while working with warm/friendly folks.