Monarx and Libyan Spider Launch Advanced Malware Protection

Salt Lake City, Utah — This partnership extends malware detection & protection into the Libyan Spider ecosystem, who specialize in cloud hosting. Providing highly scalable signatureless scanning technology, Monarx protects websites against all forms of malware including Ransomware, Botnets, Trojans, Worms, Key Loggers, Crypto Jackers, Spyware and Web Shells.

“Libyan Spider has been great to work with and we’re excited for our partnership,” said Jeremy Warren, CEO of Monarx. “Rarely do we interact with people who are as knowledgeable, passionate, and forward-leaning as the team at Libyan Spider. It just goes to show that the web is truly world-wide, and we’re happy to be working with like-minded professionals to better secure it.”

Malware stands for Malicious Software is evolving at alarming rates with increased abilities to morph and utilize Artificial Intelligence for advanced social engineering code that automatically changes. Because Monarx relies on signature-less identification of Malware, it’s able to protect against these new threats.

This partnership enables the following features for Libyan Spider customers:

  • Signature-Less malware identification that locates 40% more malware
  • Zero-configurations for website owners
  • Cloud based processing for no performance impact on website
  • Advanced integrations with PHP for additional security

“I am delighted to express my utmost satisfaction with Monarx Anti-Malware,” said Mohamed Ayad, Co-founder at Libyan Spider. “This remarkable product stands out from the crowd with an exceptional detection rate and unparalleled cleaning ability, surpassing other products in the market. With Monarx at the forefront of our security measures, our client’s websites are fortified with an advanced defense system that consistently outperforms competing solutions. The Monarx team’s dedication and expertise in developing such a robust and user-friendly product have earned our utmost appreciation. We can confidently assure our customers that their online presence is safeguarded with the highest level of protection, thanks to Monarx Anti-Malware.”

About Monarx
Monarx’s revolutionary technology is consistently proven to detect & prevent more malicious activity than other tools – proactively, automatically and safely. Hosting providers around the world save more time & money with Monarx and drive extra revenue by reselling active protection to their customers.

About Libyan Spider
Libyan Spider is the leading cloud service provider in Libya. Since 2002, they have been offering clients state-of-the-art domain registration, web development, design, cyber security solutions and cloud hosting services. Their web solutions can be tailored for both individuals and small to large business. Whether you work in government, private sector, education or finance they have a solution to fit your growing needs.