Hi, we're Monarx

We’re turning the tide in the never-ending battle to protect the world’s websites from cyberattack.

Innovation in Detection & Remediation

The arms race with hackers will always exist and generative AI has put innovation in malware at the fingertips of anyone interested. Threats will continue to get more sophisticated, pernicious, and harder to detect. We continue to meet the challenge. By releasing powerful upgrades to our reconnaissance and remediation capabilities, our technology continues to evolve. Our cloud classification platform has and will continue to extend beyond “normal” malware. Of course there's AI in the mix, and we solve for that too. After all, AI is just a type of behavior.

Expanding Our Global Footprint 

We strive to consistently address the needs of growing hosting providers through innovative integrations. Offering new control panel support and expanding our coverage across diverse Linux Operating Systems, we are committed to providing optimal solutions within the hosting ecosystem. As each new system comes under our protection, we continue to sharpen our collective intelligence, constantly evolving to serve you better.

Cyber Security Education

We are committed to empowering our partners through education and awareness initiatives. The sheer quantity of cyber security news available today makes it basically noise to anyone but cyber security professionals. That is a huge problem because some of it is very important to partners who run a business. We often reach out with critical cyber security information to help improve security.

Empowering Our Partners 

Dedicated to empowering our partners by providing accessible education and raising awareness, we empower our partners. In the cacophony of cyber security news, we strive to distill the vital information and provide clear, concise insights. We believe in proactive communication and sharing critical information to help our partners enhance their business security, recognizing their vital role in a secure digital ecosystem.