Intelligent Platform

Meet the components that make up the Monarx Platform, each playing a vital role in helping find more threats, reduce customer churn, and optimized for performance.

Monarx Features

Threat Detection

Monarx sees through the modern obfuscation techniques that confuse signature-based tools, and easily handles new & unusual variants that they’re blind to.

Threat Removal

Our proprietary technology also makes false positives exceedingly rare. This means you can get automatic, real-time protection without having to worry about broken websites.

Threat Shield

A dynamic security solution that provides real-time, in-application protection against threats by monitoring application behavior to mitigate attacks in real-time.

Server Protection

Monarx automatically detects & removes threats beyond the user directory and locates hidden processes that like to hide in memory, cron jobs and processes.

Global Honeynet

Every Monarx-enabled server contributes to a collective intelligence (BORG), enhancing the security of all websites & with ultimate goal is "achieving perfection".

Command Center & API

Control, manage, launch and automate every aspect of security services using the Global API and Dashboard (Command Center).

Success Stories

Solutions for smart hosting providers.

Threats wastes tons engineering time & generates support costs from customers whose sites have been compromised. Monarx provides the best path for Complete Protection, Detect then Protect, and/or WordPress Cleanup Service.

Reduce Security-Related Support Cases by 40%

Monarx’s automatic, safe, and proactive protection helped InMotion Hosting achieve a stunning 40% reduction in security-related customer support cases company-wide, despite only being installed on their shared server fleet.

WordPress Cleanups Reduce Churn at Scale

Automating hundreds of WordPress Site Cleaups per day was the task & Monarx delivered a fully API driven service that allows the Hostinger Support team to request WordPress Site Cleanups and easily followup up with customers.  

Always On Security for Managed WordPress

Something Badass

80% Reduction in Inbound Threat Support


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