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InMotion Hosting is a privately held technology company providing web hosting, cloud-based solutions and managed services to businesses and entrepreneurs across the globe. Malware is a significant problem in web hosting, including for InMotion Hosting. Malicious activity was causing problems for their customers, wasting server resources, driving customer support costs, and occupying valuable engineering resources.

The Challenge

InMotion Hosting started using the Monarx security product suite to help address website malware across their shared server platform. Monarx’s revolutionary signature-less technology catches more malware than other tools, with extremely few false positives and using far less server resources. In the end, Monarx’s automatic, safe, and proactive protection helped InMotion Hosting achieve a stunning 40% reduction in security-related customer support cases company-wide, despite only being installed on their shared server fleet. This in addition to providing clean websites for their customers and freeing up engineering teams to focus on more productive tasks.

  • Complete Protection
  • Detect then Protect
The Solution

Complete Protection

InMotion Hosting's Complete Protection service leverages Monarx's cutting-edge technologies to provide comprehensive security coverage. This includes real-time threat detection, automated mitigation, and continuous monitoring. The service ensures that websites hosted by InMotion are shielded from a wide range of cyber threats, allowing clients to focus on their core business activities without worrying about security breaches.

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Websites Protected

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Systems Operations Manager
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Monarx has helped InMotion Hosting by providing a comprehensive scanning, quarantine, and active blocking platform that allows us to handle malware more effectively, reduce customer support tickets, and save sysadmin time.
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Rob Seger, CTO of Monarx

"Our mission was to bring together human security expertise that can be completely automated for hosting providers and allows them to launch a seamless service in their own unique way."