Introducing Monarx’s Latest Website Security Feature: Automatic True Patching

Monarx, a leader in proactive threat defense, has just unveiled a security feature that helps hosting providers solve the vexing problem of websites with critical vulnerabilities: Automatic True Patching. SALT LAKE CITY — Monarx, a leader in proactive threat defense, has just unveiled a security feature that helps hosting providers solve the vexing problem of […]

Monarx Launches WHMCS Module to Help Automate Cyber Security

Monarx, a leading provider of automated cyber security solutions, has announced the launch of their new WHMCS module designed to streamline the process of upselling security services to clients. The Monarx Upsell Module for WHMCS offers flexible features that make it easy for web hosting providers to enroll new and existing services, manage marketing workflows, […]

Monarx in 2024: A Year of Scope and Scale

As we step into the new year, it’s time to take a moment to reflect on the last year and celebrate the new one. The past year has been a testament to our unwavering commitment to cybersecurity, marked by significant achievements and milestones that have not only elevated our capabilities but have also set a […]

The Irony of Success

Monarx stands on the frontlines of cyber security, offering robust anti-malware solutions to web hosting providers. Its tools defend sites against everything from webshells and phishing to cryptominers and spam. Our platform ensures not only the security of Mom and Pop websites but also the overall health of the online ecosystem. Unfortunately, as happens with […]

Mario Rodriguez Joins Monarx

Monarx, a leading security solution provider for Linux web hosting, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Mario Rodriguez as the new Director of Business Development. Mario Rodriguez, a seasoned professional in the hosting industry, brings with him an impressive 900 years of hosting experience to Monarx. His vast knowledge and expertise in the field […]

cloudabove & Monarx: A Leap Forward in Web Hosting Security

SALT LAKE CITY — This partnership will empower cloudabove’s clients with an additional layer of robust security, providing unmatched protection for their online presence. cloudabove, renowned for its commitment to customer service and transparency, has always prioritized the needs of small businesses. By integrating Monarx’s top-tier security solutions, cloudabove now adds another dimension to its […]

Monarx and Libyan Spider Launch Advanced Malware Protection

Salt Lake City, Utah — This partnership extends malware detection & protection into the Libyan Spider ecosystem, who specialize in cloud hosting. Providing highly scalable signatureless scanning technology, Monarx protects websites against all forms of malware including Ransomware, Botnets, Trojans, Worms, Key Loggers, Crypto Jackers, Spyware and Web Shells. “Libyan Spider has been great to […]

Big Wet Fish Hosting Partners with Monarx

Big Wet Fish Hosting, a leading provider of web hosting solutions, today announced a partnership with Monarx, a leading provider of malware protection. The partnership will allow Big Wet Fish Hosting customers to benefit from Monarx’s comprehensive malware protection, which includes real-time threat detection, and automatic removal of malware. SALT LAKE CITY — Big Wet […]

XXL Hosting Partnership

Monarx (Cyber Security) and XXL Hosting (Hosting Provider) announce a new partnership to prevent malware & generate revenue. Salt Lake City, USA – Monarx, the #1 most effective security solution and malware protection for Linux web hosting, is thrilled to announce its partnership with XXL Hosting, a Netherlands based hosting company that offers shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS and cloud […]

Monarx Closes $6.1M Funding

Managing Partner Ben Dahl of Signal Peak Ventures, who was the early lead investor in thecybersecurity company Cloudflare, led a $6.1M funding round. SALT LAKE CITY — Monarx is the most effective security solution for web hosting, with proprietary AI-powered technology that automatically protects websites from attack, or transforms malicious activity into high-quality, targeted, timely […]

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